Laatste nieuws over China

  • Unlikely partners? China and Israel deepening trade ties (BBC)
  • China hands out rewards to encourage more births (Global Times)
  • Xi's Africa tour an opportunity to fortify Chinese economic ties (Axios)
  • Retired Air Force general Dave Stilwell in contention to lead Pompeo's Asia team (The Washington Post)
  • New policy aims to free scientists to focus on research, avoid jumping through hoops (Global Times)
  • On those rumors about Xi (Sinocism)
  • People‚Äôs Daily commentary: The claim that China steals US technology is a total lie (ChinaScope)
  • Beijing's new Zaha Hadid-designed airport to showcase latest facial recognition technology (South China Morning Post)
  • Legislature pledges loyalty to Xi (Trivium)
  • Xi Jinping is not about to step down (Trivium)
  • China disputes 'meddling' in South Pacific with just an example (CGTN)
  • Senior legislators hold study session (XInhua)
  • The dark side of peace: rapprochement has not helped those fleeing North Korea (The Economist)
  • China is worried about investment restrictions (Trivium)
  • How e-commerce is transforming rural China ($$The New Yorker)
  • Culturele en zakelijke agenda

  • Shenzhen - Baoan Industry Development Expo
  • Chengdu - Trade Show Hotelex Chengdu
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