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  • Feminism and social change in China: an interview with Lü Pin (China Change)
  • Philippine telecom deal rings China alarm bells (Asia Times)
  • The 'China hands' got China wrong, but listen to them now (Bloomberg)
  • Hong Kong and consent of the governed (Asia Times)
  • After F-16 deal, Taiwan aims to join RIMPAC 2020 (Asia Times)
  • Instant noodle sales are skyrocketing, which could be bad news for China's economy (Shanghaiist)
  • Data dump – monthly econ stats (Trivium)
  • Government looks to stop interfering in markets (Trivium)
  • Media workshop for Belt and Road News Network journalists opens in Beijing (People's Daily Online)
  • Australia-China: Labor pursues Scott Morrison for denying 'Shanghai Sam' comment (The Guardian)
  • China loves European-style buildings, but not foreign concessions (CGTN)
  • Hong Kong protesters hurl gasoline bombs at government offices ($$NYT)
  • Slowdown in China's economy deepens (Seeking Alpha)
  • Nation redoubles efforts to promote rule of law (China Daily)
  • Lawsuit alleges ex--professor targeted Chinese female students at University of Illinois (
  • Culturele en zakelijke agenda

  • Chongqing - China International Motorcycle Trade Exhibition
  • Dalian - Dalian International Senior Industry Expo
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