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  • China's genocide machine in Xinjiang (Gatetsone Institute)
  • China sentences fourth Canadian to death on drug charges (AP)
  • Kevin Rudd: Beware the guns of August - in Asia: How to keep US-Chinese tensions from sparking a war (Foreign Affairs)
  • China says US should stop arms sales to Taiwan (Reuters)
  • Trump: US firms must end links with TikTok and WeChat (BBC)
  • Trump’s swipe at Tencent hits China’s softest spot (Reuters)
  • Factbox: Taiwan, China and the United States (Reuters)
  • Why a Biden presidency might not mean a return to pre-Trump foreign relations (The Guardian)
  • Trump advisers urge delisting of US-listed Chinese companies that fail to meet audit standards (Reuters)
  • 'It took 32 years, but I finally found my kidnapped son' (BBC)
  • Chinese state media slams 'madness' of US tech purge (Reuters)
  • MPs urge Home Office to grant refugee status to all Uighurs arriving in UK (BBC)
  • Pentagon chief expresses concern to Chinese counterpart about Beijing's activity in South China Sea (Reuters)
  • Trump administration seeks crackdown on Chinese companies with shares traded in US ($$WSJ)
  • Hong Kong foreign press says journalists being targeted in US-China stand-off (BBC)
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  • Shanghai Book Fair
  • Dongguan - International Famous Furniture Fair
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