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  • US bombers, jet fighters fly off N.Korea coast: Pentagon (Xinhua)
  • Alaska sees natural gas new catalyst for closer ties with China (Xinhua)
  • US bombers stage North Korea show of force (BBC)
  • Once German risk passes, China and the EU are waiting in the wings (Market Watch)
  • China Focus: CPC success based on faith, discipline, democracy (Xinhua)
  • Interview: Communist Party of China leads Chinese people to prosperity (Xinhua)
  • Dutch official calls on more businesses to get on board China Railway Express to Europe (Xinhua)
  • China stopt export olie naar Noord-Korea (De Telegraaf)
  • China moves to restrict oil exports to N.Korea (Xinhua)
  • In Beijing and Abu Dhabi, signs of Bannon's continued influence (The New York Times)
  • Trump said China told banks to stop dealing with North Korea. China says that's not true (AP)
  • China fund buys British chipmaker (The Times)
  • Man receives nine-month jail sentence over ISIS joke on WeChat (SupChina)
  • Israeli private consumption boom creates greater market potential for Chinese commodities (Xinhua)
  • Xi Jinping's family values (China Policy Institute)
  • Culturele en zakelijke agenda

  • Shenzhen - Bluetooth Asia
  • Mu Qian: Music, Religion, and Politics - Doing Fieldwork in Xinjiang / IIAS Conference room, Rapenburg 59, Leiden
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