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  • Samoa signs China bilateral agreement during Pacific push by Beijing (The Guardian, AFP, Reuters)
  • Biden's Taiwan defence 'gaffes' could put China-US ties on a slippery slope (SCMP)
  • Over 1,000 political prisoners in Hong Kong since the 2019 protests (AsiaNews)
  • China President warned Biden democracy is dying: 'You don't have the time' (Newsweek)
  • Great Wall Motors has made a risky and possibly premature bet on hydrogen cars (SupChina)
  • A pivotal moment: Pacific faces a choice over China that will shape it for decades (The Guardian)
  • The Bachelet visit: a disappointed Uyghur's view (Bitter Winter)
  • Winning the web: How Beijing exploits search results to shape views of Xinjiang and COVID-19 (Brookings)
  • Podcast: Inside Taiwan's plan to thwart Beijing (The Spectator)
  • China's 'threat' in the Pacific is being way overblown (Asia Times)
  • China aims to take out Elon Musk's Starlink satellites (Asia Times)
  • More Russian oil than ever before heading for China, India amid sanctions (Bloomberg)
  • The Biden administration's approach to the PRC (Beijing to Britain)
  • China's climate envoy pledges to keep fighting climate change (Caixin China Green Bulletin)
  • Japan, emboldened by Biden and wary over Ukraine, gets tough on China (Newsweek)
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  • GO4EXPORT CafĂ©: de China Challenge
  • Qingdao - Qingdao International Beauty Expo
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