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  • India, China military commanders meeting on frontier dispute (AP)
  • China urges citizens to shun Australia as dispute simmers (AP)
  • Chinese demand saved the art industry post the global financial crisis – who will come to the rescue now? (SCMP)
  • China's street vendors can help ease unemployment, but can they fend off the city guardians? (SCMP)
  • China orders pangolin protection amid pandemic (AP)
  • China slams racist US but finds itself with more adversaries (AsiaNews)
  • Facing more pressure from Washington, Britain pushes back on Huawei dependence (VoA)
  • Trump joins call for greater oversight of US-listed Chinese firms ($$Caixin)
  • China unveils leadership lineup of top policymaking body for Hong Kong ($$Caixin)
  • China apparently left out of Israel's 5G network tender (Al-Monitor)
  • Trump touts racial equality while referring to COVID-19 as 'China plague' (NBC News)
  • George Floyd death: China is right to criticise the US on race. Next step, a Uygur on the politburo (SCMP)
  • Ex-China ambassador ignored Swedish policy in Gui Minhai case, says prosecutor (Reuters)
  • India, China agree to resolve border dispute 'peacefully': statement (Reuters)
  • US eases flight ban on Chinese airlines ($$WSJ)
  • Culturele en zakelijke agenda

  • Nanning - 17th China-ASEAN Expo
  • UN Convention on Biological Diversity / Kunming
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