Laatste nieuws over China

  • Chinese-Vatican relations: Church building ($$The Economist)
  • FTSE 100 hits record high as US and China call trade war truce
  • China, Netherlands willing to strengthen cooperation on B&R (Xinhua)
  • A hearing with Chinese characteristics: How the Beijing Lawyers’ Association helps persecute human rights lawyers (China Change)
  • China launches relay satellite to explore Moon's far side (Xinhua)
  • Archaeologist who uncovered China's 8,000-man terra cotta army dies at 82 (NPR)
  • Multinationals bow to China's political sensitivities (Financial Times)
  • US and China halt imposing import tariffs (BBC)
  • Social credit system must bankrupt discredited people: former official (Global Times)
  • Foreign fishing vessels expelled from S.China Sea by joint forces patrol (Global Times)
  • All mosques should raise national flag: China Islamic Association (Global Times)
  • Peking stemt in met extra invoer uit VS (Het Financieele Dagblad)
  • China agrees to import more from US, no sign of $200 billion figure (Reuters)
  • Year-long innovation expo unveiled (Shine)
  • China's love-hate relationship with Japan is love again. Ahem (South China Morning Post)
  • Culturele en zakelijke agenda

  • 16th Chinese Internet Research Conference & 3rd #Asiascape: #DigitalAsia Conference / Leiden
  • Chengdu - Chengdu International Trade Fair for Automotive Parts and Aftermarket Services
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