Laatste nieuws over China

  • First direct flight linking southwest China with Israel launched (Xinhua)
  • China appeals to the world in the trade war (Trivium)
  • Getting serious about resolving local government debt (Trivium)
  • China rejects US warship's visit to Hong Kong as tensions rise ($$The New York Times)
  • China punishes 7,846 officials for frugality violations in August (Xinhua)
  • Xi Jinping's war on the Uighurs (Inside Story)
  • How China is losing the world (The Diplomat)
  • A step towards full diplomatic relations between China and the Vatican (The Economist)
  • 'China's big mistake': Pakistanis lobby to free wives trapped in Xinjiang (Reuters)
  • Economic outlook for China falls sharply (Seeking Alpha)
  • China demands US cancel arms sale to Taiwan (AP)
  • American attacks on China risk total destruction of mutual gains, Chinese foreign minister warns (SCMP)
  • US approves new military sale to Taiwan, drawing China's ire (Bloomberg)
  • China denies Hong Kong port visit for US navy ship amid trade tensions (Reuters) 25 sep 2018
  • China's Vice Commerce Minister says US has 'knife to China's neck' on trade (Seaking Alpha)
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  • Shenzhen - China (Shenzhen) International Logistics & Transportation
  • IIAS Annual Lecture by Ruben Terlou / IIAS, Leiden
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