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  • Brazil eyes connecting to BRI, says VP in Beijing (Global Times)
  • Li pledges vocational support (Trivium)
  • With its national security at stake, Israel takes sides in US-China trade war ($$Haaretz)
  • 'Clash of civilizations' or abandonment of civilization? (Asia Times)
  • Contradictions in Chinese media‚Äôs rhetoric against US (Asia Times)
  • Trump includes Huawei in trade deal, China lodges solemn representation with US (Business Times)
  • China won't accept unequal trade deal (CGTN)
  • China doesn't want to be like the West (Bloomberg)
  • Lippi returns, but faces tough road to China's World Cup dream (Xinhua)
  • CSG releases 2018 Corporate Social Responsibility Report (CSG)
  • China won't accept unequal trade deal (CGTN)
  • 'Clash of civilizations' false label for China-US ties (Xinhua)
  • Trump gives farmers $16 billion in aid amid prolonged China trade war ($$NYT)
  • Global markets rocked as US-China trade and tech rift deepens (The Guardian)
  • Trump says Huawei could be part of trade deal (BBC)
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  • Shenzhen - Universal Tourism Exhibition Kunming
  • Nanjing - CMT China
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