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  • 'While the Wall is standing, we’ll be here': Catching up with Great Wall conservationist William Lindesay ($The China Project)
  • Was China a factor in US$450 million US-Pakistan F-16 deal, or is it all about airspace access? (SCMP)
  • China says US sending 'dangerous signals' on Taiwan (Reuters)
  • Xinjiang's human rights achievements lauded (China Daily)
  • Airbus wins $4.8 billion China jet order in blow to Boeing ($Bloomberg)
  • Former adviser sees influence by Chinese President Xi Jinping in Putin's recent decisions (DW)
  • US steps up diplomatic efforts with China on Taiwan, Russia (AP)
  • Wang Yi expounds on China-US peaceful coexistence (
  • Temple excursions booming among Chinese youth ($The China Project)
  • Hui mosques and cemeteries 'sinicized' in Qinghai, Yunnan, Beijing, and Shanghai (Bitter Winter)
  • Pointed at China, US spreads THAAD all around Guam (Asia Times)
  • FM Wang Yi: The right way for China and the United States  to get along in the new era (
  • Hong Kong will scrap COVID hotel quarantine from Sept. 26 (Reuters)
  • The CCP's masculinity crisis (ChinaTalk)
  • As Russia raises nuclear specter in Ukraine, China looks the other way (CNN)
  • Culturele en zakelijke agenda

  • Leiden Asia Centre: Why does the Chinese autocracy care about and fear its people at the same time? / Leiden Universty College, Den Haag
  • Wuhan - China International Chemical Industry Exhibition
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