Laatste nieuws over China

  • Hackers for sale: what we've learned from China's massive cyber leak (The Guardian, agencies)
  • Inner Mongolia emerges as model for Xi Jinping's ethnic affairs policy, but analysts warn of cultural 'erosion' (SCMP)
  • China slams US 'economic coercion' against Chinese entities over Russia-Ukraine conflict (Global Times)
  • China calls for political settlement of Ukraine crisis (Xinhua)
  • 15 dead and dozens more injured in Nanjing flat fire (BBC)
  • Africa's donkeys are coveted by China. Can the continent protect them? (NYT)
  • McKinsey-led think-tank advised China on policy that fed US tensions (FT)
  • Vietnam and the art of not choosing: lessons from the nation most poised between the US and China (FT)
  • San Diego Zoo could be first in US to get pandas from China again (NYT)
  • Russia outsmarts Western sanctions - and China is paying attention (The Economist)
  • 2 years on, US cannot blame China for failure in Ukraine war (SCMP)
  • Culture, democracy and clout: why three Pacific countries are sticking with Taiwan (The Guardian)
  • China uses hi-tech to suppress dissent in the Uyghur region (Bitter Winter)
  • China's top-rating drama for 2023: life and death in China's rustbelt (Inside Story)
  • China unveils guidelines for brain chip research (Asia Times)
  • Culturele en zakelijke agenda

  • De Grote China Kennis Quiz / The Fiddler, Riviervismarkt 1, Den Haag
  • The geopolitics of China / University of Twente, Enschede
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