Laatste nieuws over China

  • Map shows reach of China's nuclear-capable missiles (Newsweek)
  • Did China undermine Ukraine's peace summit? (China in Eurasia)
  • Middle East: The US is leaving, China is coming, and other overused tropes (The China-MENA Newsletter)
  • Pelosi in visit accuses China of trying to erase Tibetan culture (Bloomberg)
  • Philippines says navy personnel injured in confrontation with China coast guard (AP)
  • US lawmakers meet with Dalai Lama in India's Dharamshala, sparking anger from China (AP)
  • In South China Sea dispute, Philippines' bolder hand tests Beijing (Reuters)
  • China has renamed hundreds of Uyghur villages and towns, say human rights groups (The Guardian)
  • Ecuador suspends visa waivers for Chinese citizens over irregular migration (CNN)
  • China to see biggest millionaire exodus in 2024 as many head to US (Nikkei)
  • That funny business about Taiwan and the US ($SCMP)
  • Ten years of Xi Jinping's 'National Security Concept': 'it's Marxism in practice' (Bitter Winter)
  • China's Global Security Initiative: A new promise for global stability (Shine)
  • Chinese premier calls China, Australia a close community of shared interests (Xinhua)
  • US cheats more than China on free and fair trade (Asia Times)
  • Culturele en zakelijke agenda

  • Chongqing - The Western China Education, Sports and Medicine Integration Expo 2024
  • Changsha - International Sensors, Instruments and Internet of Things Exhibition 2024
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