Laatste nieuws over China

  • China's top nuclear-weapons lab used American computer chips decades after ban (WSJ)
  • Australian universities welcome snap decision by China to ban online studies (Australian Associated Press)
  • Would a Cold War-style agreement help prevent China-US tensions from escalating? (SCMP)
  • Japan, Netherlands agree to limit exports of chip-making equipment to China (WSJ)
  • China's healthcare system still plagued by 'serious deficiencies' despite Covid spending spree (SCMP)
  • China's economic model is in crisis (and Xi knows it) (Intelligencer)
  • Herd immunity impedes spread of COVID-19 in China: expert (
  • South China Sea: how Beijing might respond as Southeast Asia bands together on rival claims (SCMP)
  • Senior US general warns of possible looming war with China - most likely over Taiwan - as early as 2025 (AFP)
  • Biden wins deal with Japan and Netherlands on China chip export limit (Bloomberg)
  • Xiplomacy: China, Latin American and Caribbean countries embrace new era of win-win cooperation (Xinhua)
  • China owns vast network of UK real estate, offshore records reveal (The Guardian)
  • Is China's demography China's destiny? (The China Project)
  • The weaponization of 'zero COVID' against Tibet (Bitter Winter)
  • Sanctions move China to replace chips supply chain (Asia Times)
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  • Dé Grote China Kennisquiz / Faculty Club, Academiegebouw, Leiden
  • Dongguan - China Dongguan Machine Tool Exhibition
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